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How to Buy a Firearm From Us


  1. Make sure you can own the firearm that you want to purchase in your state. If it is not legal in your state, the firearm will not be transferred to  you, so don’t try to buy it. This  will save you a lot of headache.  
  2. Visit our website and call us to let us know which firearm you want or what you  want us to get for you. “We AIM to  please!” 
  3. Pay for firearm with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (American  Express requires additional fee) or send us a Cashier’s Check.  
  4. Email a scanned copy of your local dealer’s FFL to us at   dmftx@yahoo.com
  5. We will ship handguns 2nd day air and long guns at the cheapest rate  or the method of your preference within the law and a tracking number will be  emailed to you. 
  6. Go to your dealer when firearm arrives and fill out ATF form 4473. Pay dealer if applicable and go home with new firearm.

Our Purpose


We are a small family owned FFL firearms dealer located in Texas. We are avid outdoorsmen who enjoy hunting, fishing, target shooting,  hiking and just about everything else you can do outdoors, but our passion  involves owning and using firearms.  Our mission is to provide responsible law-abiding citizens of the United States  affordable access to firearms so that they may exercise their second amendment  right and enjoy shooting sports like hunting and target shooting. Our number one goal is to make your firearm purchase a very enjoyable  experience. There have been many  firearms’ transactions where the person on the other side of the counter wants  to argue with you, exploit your lack of knowledge, intimidate you or belittle  you during your purchase. You don’t  walk out of the store with the same excited feeling you had going into the  store. Purchasing a firearm online  can be just as unpleasant. When you  speak to the person on the other end of the phone to provide your payment  information, it is not uncommon to speak with an intimidating and unfriendly  person that leaves you wondering if you will receive the exact product for which  you have paid. The firearms  business is a highly regulated and serious business, but that should not take  away from the enjoyment that you may have from owning and using a firearm. Because a firearm is an item that you may keep and enjoy the rest of your  life, we believe that purchasing a firearm should be an enjoyable experience  regardless of the amount of money you are spending. We want to provide you with affordable prices on firearms, but we also want to  be a source of information for you.  We will try to give you the best price anywhere, even if that means sacrificing  some of our profits, as long as we cover our expenses. There may be times that we cannot compete with larger volume dealers, but  we will let you know where to find the best price. By providing this kind of service, we hope to have you come back to us  again before looking elsewhere for your firearms.

How to Buy a Firearm Online


  1. Pay online dealer for firearm.  
  2. Email a scanned copy of FFL to online dealer from local dealer that  will receive shipment of firearm and transfer firearm to you.  
  3. Go to local dealer and fill out ATF form 4473 for a background check.  
  4. Pay dealer transfer fee if applicable and go home with firearm. 

This may seem like a lot to do, but the majority of dealers know how this  process works and it will usually be very easy for you and the dealers. The   big advantage is the money you will save   by not paying for overhead, employees, and the big blue sign at your local  retailer. 

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